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Industrial Plots/ IT Plots/ Corporate Office

Nirman Properties


Market knowledge, negotiation skills – whether you’re a landlord or a renter, you want you’re leasing professional to have these characteristics. And as a leading consultant in property leasing services for construction

Nirman Properties leasing professionals are experienced and highly qualified individuals. Backed by years of intensive market research, Nirman Properties has gained considerable experience in the Delhi-NCR real estate markets. We listen to our clients, understand their exact needs and use this knowledge to uncover hidden opportunities

Nirman Properties


Whether you are looking to buy or sell a property, the transaction can only be successful if you have the right documentation.


And our documentation & legal services are not just limited to buying and selling of real estate. NIRMAN PROPERTIES also helps you with other critical services such as adding or removing a person’s name from property title, gifting your real estate assets to loved ones, change property type from residential to commercial and vice-versa, preparing essential legal documents such as sale/lease deeds, affidavits, mutation & functional letters etc in all Authorities.


NIRMAN PROPERTIES’s lawyers and domain experts work in a highly professional & organized manner- from the initial stages of the transaction until the final closure- we always strive to make the entire process smooth for our clients

Nirman Properties


NIRMAN PROPERTIES’s property valuation experts have served as trusted advisors to individual property owners, institutions, multinational corporations and high-profile investors. We have developed numerous valuation techniques and have a dedicated portfolio team to provide in-depth valuation and appraisal services for all property types.

Nirman Properties


NIRMAN PROPERTIES offers research-driven, comprehensive and high-performance investment & land acquisition services. Our team of real estate professionals have in-depth knowledge of all major types of properties with field executives deployed in major markets across Delhi-NCR. From individuals to large multinational corporations.

If you are on the lookout for a profitable land acquisition investment for short, medium or long-term gain, NIRMAN PROPERTIES’s detailed knowledge of Delhi-NCR market.

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